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Information About brain tumors

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The brain is the control center for all of our functions and the most sensitive organ in the human body. Despite various advances in neurological medicine over the past several years, it remains one of the most difficult areas to treat: Thus, the ever present need for innovative research and research funding.

​ The need for research is so vital in this field because despite all of the most recent innovations, there remains a lack of effective treatment for most people with the disease.  For those patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most aggressive of all brain tumors, survival statistics have changed little over the past 15 years.  Over 97% will die from their disease within 5 years, this, according to the North American BrainTumor Coalition (NABTC).

Each year, more than 44,000 Americans are diagnosed with primary brain tumors.  Primary brain tumors are tumors which originate in the brain as opposed to metastases which spread from some other part of the body. Thirty-five Americans die from primary brain tumors each day.  Many more will succumb to metastases.

​ All the news is not so grim. There are many different types of brain tumors and treatment for some including slow-growing and less aggressive types, has improved in recent years.  And researchers do see potential breakthroughs on the horizon.  As in all fields of medical science, with research comes innovation.  With innovation comes shrinking mortality rates as well as improved quality of life issues. Sources of information on brain tumors, diagnosis, treatments, statistics, quality of life issues,support etc. have also become more prevalent in recent years.  Check out our Links page to find some of these sources as well as some links to friends of the Brains Group.